Thursday, June 27, 2013

flowers for days

my bouquet with my wedding invitation front and center.
we were really happy with our wedding florist, fleuretica. they were a magical partnership of creative ladies who dreams up the most beautiful flower arrangements fit for gods and goddesses and little girl-ladies who call themselves bagnatic ;)

unfortunately, my wedding photographer was less than fantastic so i didn't get many great shots of my wedding bouquet or the bouquets my bridesmaids carried.

my bouquet is the 2nd one from the left.

another angle of my bridesmaid bouquets.
my husband's boutonnière.
table centerpiece at our wedding banquet.

flowers for our wedding cake.
so after our wedding, my husband still uses their services to get me flowers for all kinds of occasions. not going to protest that...nope.

1st valentine's bouquet as husband and wife. he wanted the arrangement to resemble our banquet centerpiece. LOVE.
i in turn, sent him this arrangement to commemorate our 2nd wedding anniversary.
my husband sent these, oops-i -forgot-to-send-you-something-for-our-2nd-wedding-anniversary succulents. ha!
2nd valentine's arrangement i received. i absolutely LOVED the orange tone to these flowers.
i TOTALLY LOVED this little lady bug detail. lady bug luck i say.

and for mother's day, he gave me this flower arrangement. awwww....not yet a mommy, but still in love.
so as you can see, long after our wedding, we still love our wedding florist the best. unless they close shop, move away, or become too crazy expensive, i think our flowers will always come from them. if only they can fill my wee home with flowers every single day....a gal can dream right?


Anonymous said...

your flowers were beautiful! I have NO pics of centerpieces which I loved at our wedding. :( all the things you think of after.

bagnatic said...

the day is so long, it's hard not to forget the little details. i remember your flowers being beautiful too. ahhh, weddings.